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M5 2.0 Beta 1

  • M5 2.0b1 -- Includes testing infrastructure, and Alpha PAL/Console code
  • M5 2.0b1 Full System Files -- Pre-compiled Linux kernels, PALcode/Console code, and a filesystem
  • linux-dist -- Everything you need to create your own disk image and compile everything in it from scratch
  • Blank image script -- Shell script to create a blank disk image (with a partition table like M5 requires) of a given size
  • Linux 2.6.13 diff -- Diff against Linux 2.6.13 to add more than 4 processor support, and fix a bug in the NSgigE device driver, add M5 debugging facilities, and skip wait loops.
  • Linux M5Base 2.6.13 -- Same as above, but the entire tree bziped
  • Linux M5Hack 2.6.13 diff -- With some of our other changes (Warning: You probably want the M5 base tree, only use this if you know what you're doing!)

Old Versions